I started this blog because our polo lifestyle takes us to all parts of the world and no matter where it takes us, I cook. I have acquired so many dishes in our travels and have made them my own and I have been inspired as much by our many gastronomical encounters including:  fresh lamb asados in the middle east over olive wood fires, the cream sauces from the burgundy regions of France, the simplicity of ingredients and naturally organic food creations of Argentina, all the way, full circle,  to our very own garden here at home in Kentucky.

However, this is not where my ameturistic culinary skills where first honed. Being a home girl of the burbs in New Jersey, my father had an affinity for growing the ripest, the reddest and most succulent tomatoes amoungst other things while he wasn’t working on wall street and my mother liked to entertain his clients in our home and with assistance, cook.  I stood witnessed in my earlier years to the choreography of many of my mothers dishes as she instructed alongside our kitchen help, tasting sauces and adding seasonings and spices to her liking. I learned to pay attention to the smells, sights and taste of food as it should be, only to duplicate its essence to perfection later.  That was the inseption of the idea, in those early beginnings of life,  that cooking was so much more than an essential chore, it was an art!

So through my natural abilities as an artist, I bring forth here to these public pages, to the best of my ability, the secrets I have discovered and the combined flavors that I have brought to life through the sense of taste! From my heart and my kitchen to your home.

And now, I leave you with the words of a former master, Julia Childs, who has inspired the little gorma in all of us!

Bon Appetite!

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